The stone as you never dared to imagine it


your marble solution on a honeycomb


Haute Decoration and Mondo Marmo Design have developed a range of 7 solutions adapted to the constraints of each interior architecture and design site. These different honeycomb panels add materials like carbon fiber.


a stone backlight


PIETRALUX®, a set of high-performance tailor-made solutions for the most demanding backlighting of stones. It allows homogeneous lighting and adaptation to the characteristics of each project, backlit stone and the ambience desired by the designer.


with solid marble


Haute Decoration and Mondo Marmo Design carry out all the work of all high-end and luxury massive marble work. Haute Decoration will ensure the monitoring and coordination of projects from France between you and the Mondo Marmo Design workshops near Verona.


a stone finish


The atmospheric agents naturally work the surface and the grain of the stone.
Haute Decoration and Mondo Marmo Design compose a collection of natural stone finishes that revives the telluric soul of the material.

Create your Terrazzo


RIALTO®: the Terrazzo designed by you and made to measure by Mondo Marmo Design. It will truly express your identity and your decorative choices. As in gourmet pastry making, interior designers have the option of “creating” a unique floor or wall covering by playing with all the components of the Terrazzo.

Haute Decoration and Mondo Marmo Design: 5 solutions at the service of marble workers and architects


Haute Decoration and Mondo Marmo Design are specialists in the design and supply of lightweight marble on honeycomb and backlit marble or onyx solutions for interior design.


Thanks to our partnership, Haute Decoration and Mondo Marmo Design have diversified into the supply of tailor-made Terrazzo as well as subcontracting in Italy for High Decoration marble projects in order to provide a global solution to professional marble workers and architects.

Our last project: L’Armancette Hotel

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Calacatta marble bathroom construction site on ALUPANEL panel - MDY Customer
White and Jade onyx marquetry shower

Marble on honeycomb

Habillage pierre sur mousse Haude Densité AERO escalier magasin de mode rue Cambon

To make the most of the benefits of honeycomb stone for your projects, it is important to determine what to expect from these solutions.

  • Lightness with a weight per m² of only 18 Kg
  • Large formats of 3000 x 1500 mm
  • Strongly improved mechanical performance (compression / flexion)
  • New design possibilities, thinner and more aesthetic

Project matrix light marble solution page

Depending on the type of your site (Floor – Ceiling – Furniture – Wall covering – etc.) and your specifications, you will be guided towards the best technical solutions.

Our Marble on honeycomb solutions

Backlight of stones

Shelves in white onyx backlit - Customer Ildei

PIETRALUX®: the stone backlighting solution developed by Haute Decoration and Mondo Marmo Design which provides architects and interior designers with a creative field for luxurious achievements of incomparable aesthetic value.

The principle: Associate a very thin thickness of stone with a Led source to dress walls, floors, ceilings, or to create light furniture in stone.

PIETRALUX® is the only solution on the market which, with the same team of specialists, deals with the manufacture of the stone / glass sandwich AND the Led backlighting thanks to the skills of Mondo Marmo Design and the R&D partnership developed with an Italian leader in Led lighting. tailored.

The flexibility of the PIETRALUX® system allows it to be perfectly adapted to the di projets erent types of projects where transparency, lightness, smoothness and homogeneity of the final rendering are determining elements.


Our stone backlight solutions