Customised natural stone finishe for your marble projects

A “Haute Decoration” collection of authentic natural stone finishes

CARPINO B 6 Stone Finish
CARPINO Stone Finish
CACAO W 6 Stone Finish
CACAO Stone Finish

When stone is naturally worked by atmospheric agents, it takes on a unique finish. Air, water and fire continually work on its surface and grain to give it a unique finish that is pleasing to the eye and to the touch.

Haute Decoration and Mondo Marmo Design have developed a natural process, based on mechanical treatments to repeat, with the help of modern technology, the natural process in a very short time. It is an innovative approach to revive the soul of the stone in just a few hours.

Les forces de la nature guidées par la main de l'homme : une empreinte indélébile qui laisse sa marque dans le temps.
BEECH TREE W 3 Stone Finish
BEECH TREE Stone Finish
MAPLE B 3 Stone Finish
MAPLE Stone Finish

The primordial elements, water, fire and sand are used with art through treatments designed and developed to transform the stone. These actions enhance the colour of the stone, its nuances and all its particularities with unique artistic and decorative results of the highest quality.

The treatment procedure, the result of years of continuous research, has been studied in great detail and carried out without the use of chemical additives. Only natural elements and mechanical treatment are used for an exceptional and long-lasting result that defies time.

Le marbre de Carrare poli brillant n'est plus adapté aujourd'hui aux attentes des clients.
NOCE W 7 Stone Finish
NOCE Stone Finish
MAGNOLIA 7 Stone Finish
MAGNOLIA Stone Finish

Today, clients are keen to use natural stone on their sites because of its personality and its raw appearance, which is close to the geological identity of the material.

The Finition Pierre 2021 collection from Mondo Marmo Design is made up of 16 “High Decoration” finishes. They have been specially developed by marble workers to provide architects with a new creative palette that goes beyond the classic finishes: Polished – Honed – Bushhammered – Flamed.

Finishes are created by attacking the surface of the stone with various mechanical actions depending on the desired result:

  • Wire or plastic brushes
  • High pressure spraying of very fine sand
  • High pressure water jet up to 2500 bar
  • Projection of steel balls
  • Strikes with metal points
  • Calendering under metal relief cylinders
  • Attack by successive passes of a computer-controlled laser > possibility of creating a customised figurative finish


The different actions are combined to widen the range of finishes available.

ASH B 4 Stone Finish
ASH Stone Finish
Laser figurative stone finish
Example of a figurative finish of the architect's choice with a laser
BIRCH B 3 Stone Finish
BIRCH Stone Finish

Technical Guide to Authentic Natural Stone Finishes

OAK W 4 Stone Finish
OAK Stone Finish
ORNIELLO B 8 Stone Finish
ORNIELLO Stone Finish

Compatible stones


All ornamental stones are compatible with the Stone Skin finish collection:

Limestone Pierre calcaire
Marbles Pierre marbre
Granites Pierre granit
Quartzites Pierre quartzite
Travertines Pierre travertin
BAMBOO W 1 Stone Finish
BAMBOO Stone Finish
CORK Stone Finish 4
CORK Stone Finish

The exception is the CORK finish, which is only available with large crystal stones such as Labradorite – Blue Pearl or Emerald.

Pierre Blue Pearl




The format is free and can be chosen by the architect according to the dimensions of the available stone slabs. No format constraints are imposed.

WILD CHESTNUT B 3 Stone Finish
TIGLIO W 1 Stone Finish
TIGLIO Stone Finish

Compatibility with lightweight marble solutions


The finishes are compatible with marble on honeycomb solutions with the exception of CORK and BAMBOO.




4 week lead time (including cutting, shaping and assembly)

WHITE WILLOW W 3 Stone Finish
POPLAR B 5 Stone Finish
POPLAR Stone Finish



  • A “classic” stone (e.g. Carrara marble) takes on a new dimension with a textured finish.
  • The finishes are compatible with all stones on the market.
  • The formats are chosen by the architect
  • Textured finishes can be combined with the light marble solution (ceiling)



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Finishing is carried out flat on edges. Please contact us for visible edges or 3D machining.

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