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A journey between heritage, design and sustainable development

Terrazzo (also called Granito) is a noble material used since the 16th century for covering the floors of Venetian palaces such as the Doge’s Palace. It is made of more than 70% marble and has a very high level of mechanical performance: scratch and impact resistance of 3 (European standard UNI EN 101), and flexural strength greater than 5 (standard UNI EN 13748 -1).
It is a material composed of natural stones and marbles which has the same aesthetic qualities and resistance as solid stone, with a lower cost per m².
It is also a very modern material which is part of a logic of sustainable development: composed of small pieces of marble, granite or quartz from quarries of ornamental stones, it is classified as a “pre-consumer recycled” product according to the standard. UNI EN ISO 14021, §
Its maintenance is easy, the absorption coefficient of liquids is less than 8 (standard UNI EN 13748-1).

Terrazzo offer by Haute Decoration

Haute Decoration offers 2 solutions :

  • Custom Terrazzo RIALTO®
  • Terrazzo from stock: Cement or Resin


Custom Terrazzo RIALTO®

The Terrazzo Rialto® system, proposed in partnership with Mondo Marmo, meets the expectations of architects to offer their customers a wall or floor covering specially composed for their boutique, hotel,
restaurant, public spaces and residential.
The recipe is composed as for a great perfume:

Terrazzo Rialto scheme
  • First a base – For Terrazzo Rialto®, the base will be Portland cement dyed in the mass. You can choose all the colors of the chromatic range without forgetting of course Black and White.
  • Then, a unique formulation specially composed by our workshop from a selection of stones and marbles: “granillia”. You can choose each component (stone), but also its intensity (dimensions of the marble chips and density per m²).
  • Finally, the final touch: the marble inserts, in shape and free colors.

A unique coating, like massive stone!
Rialto® is available: in square formats 40 x 40 cm and 60 x 60 cm, thickness 2 cm; and in rectangle format 65 x 150 cm, thickness 2.5 cm.

Example of RIALTO® custom Terrazzo decors:

Custom Terrazzo RIALTO® - Technical characteristics

Standard Unit Test result
Compressive strength UNI EN 13748-1 KN 3.9
Hardness UNI EN 101 :1992 Mohs 3
Flexural strength UNI EN 13748- Mpa 8.7
Porosity ASTM C 97 % 3.91 à 6.00
Fire classification 96/603/EC - CLASS 1
Planeity UNI EN 13748-1 Mm VALID
Density ASTM C 97 Kg / m³ 2 301.41
Abrasion resistance (capon) UNI EN 13748-1 Mm 19

Conclusion :

Results in line with UPEC requirements U4 – P4


The manufacturing lead time for a RIALTO® customizable Terrazzo solution is 3 weeks .

Terrazzo Cement or Granito Collection available from stock

These Terrazzos are available from stock in Italy, Verona, which allows Haute Decoration to deliver to you within short deadlines: 7 working days.
Four finishes are available: honed – polished – brushed – bush hammered.

Terrazzo Cement Collection or Granito

Terrazzo Cement or Granito is an agglomerate obtained from marbles and Portland cement class 1. It is produced in vacuum blocks and, after a minimum drying of 28 days, it is sawn into slices for the subsequent production of floors, interior coatings, stairs and furniture.
Its competitive price and chromatic homogeneity make it the ideal material for large projects.
These projects can also be produced in colors specially designed by the designer, in collaboration with our technical department.
Like natural stone, Terrazzo Cement is available from 2 cm thick. The thicknesses of 2 and 3 cm are available from stock.

CEMENT Collection / Granito - Sizes

Dimensions Thickness
Blocks 305 x 124 cm 84 cm
Slabs 305 x 124 cm 2 – 3 – 4 cm
Pavment 60x30 cm
30x30 cm
40x40 cm
60x60 cm
2 – 3 – 4 cm
Skirting 7.3 cm 1.2 cm
Others sizes on request

CEMENT Collection / Granito - Technical specifications

Density DIN 18500
Porosity DIN 18500
Flexural strength DIN 18500
Compressive strength DIN 18500
Abrasion resistance DIN 18500
Slip resistance DIN 51130
Fire classification DIN 4102
Unit Test result
Density Kg/dm³ 2.4 - 2.6
Porosity % (Volume) 9.6 - 14.5
Flexural strength N/mm² 8.0 - 11.8
Compressive strength N/mm² 70 - 100
Abrasion resistance cm³/50 cm² 14.7 - 27.9
Slip resistance - Finition Adouci : 400 R9
Fire classification - A1

Terrazzo Resin Collection

Like Terrazzo Cement, Terrazzo Resin is an agglomerate, but composed of marbles associated with a special polyester resin. The very good resistance to abrasion, impact and the homogeneity of the colors make it the ideal material for large surfaces.
Due to its excellent mechanical characteristics, the Terrazzo Resin is offered with a thickness of only 1.2 cm.

Resin collection - Sizes

Dimensions Thickness
Blocks 305 x 124 cm 84 cm
Slabs 305 x 124 cm 1.2 - 2 – 3 – 4 cm
Pavment 60x30 cm
30x30 cm
40x40 cm
60x60 cm
1.2 - 2 – 3 – 4 cm
Skirting 7.3 cm 1.2 cm
Others sizes on request

RESIN Collection – Technical specifications

Standard Unit
Density DIN 52102 - ASTM C 97 Kg/dm³
Porosity DIN 52103 % (Masse)
Flexural strength DIN 52112 MPa
Compressive strength DIN 52105 MPa
Abrasion resistance DIN 52108 cm³/50cm²
Coef of expansion ICITE m/m°C
Slip resistance DIN 51130 -
Fire classification DIN 4102 - Teil 1 -
Test results
Medium stone Micro Stone
Density 2.45 – 2.55 2.40 – 2.50
Porosity < 0.3 < 0.1
Flexural strength 9 – 14 18 – 30
Compressive strength 90 – 120 110 – 150
Abrasion resistance (capon) 12.5 13.6
Coef of expansion 8 – 12 x 10 - 6 10 – 25 x 10 - 6
Slip resistance Finition Adouci : 400 Finition Adouci : 400
Fire classification B1 B1

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